Our Cotton Materials

Our nightdresses are made from 100% natural materials; cotton or silk. They are the backbone to our designs; helping us create romantic yet comfortable, breathable nightwear. We want our nightdresses to make you feel wonderful but also that they are entirely practical. All our nightdresses wash beautifully and get softer over time.

Our beautiful materials are expertly sourced in India by our suppliers who we have been working with for over 10 years. We might be biased, but we strongly believe that Indian cotton is the best quality in the world (it was in India after all that it was first farmed over 5000 years go).

We bang on about our materials all the time but are aware that you might want to know the difference between the variation of materials we use and reference on our product pages.

Cotton Voile

Voile is a butter soft delight of a cotton; lightweight, breathable and semi-sheer. It has the higher thread count/lowest weight of the cotton fabrics we use, which results in an exceptionally light and delicate feel on the skin.

What we love? The effect it creates for sleep; as though you are wearing nothing at all.  From a design perspective, the way it lends itself to romantic drapery is unmatched – like something from a Renaissance sculpture. 

What you might not love? Its lightness means it is quite sheer but many of our designs are carefully constructed (ie double layered at the bust/acres of pleating over chest) to help with modesty. But if you have teenage sons (we get it) take a look at our slightly heavier fabric choices below or our cashmere shawl cover ups!

Cotton Cambric

Cambric is multi-talented in our eyes; a perfect halfway house between very light voile and crisp poplin. It’s a medium weighted cotton weave and washes beautifully (30 degree please, no tumble drying). 

Why we love it? Cambric manages to have beautiful lightness to its weight while being slightly thicker than voile. 

What you might not love? Still not 100% opaque but for the lightness on the skin and ‘floaty’ effect, it’s a winner in our eyes.

Cotton Poplin

Everyone recognises the crisp feeling on poplin on the skin. Our poplin is sourced extremely carefully for bed to be both opaque yet soft.

Why we love it? Definitely passes the postman test and is great if you are planning on wearing your nightie around the table with others.

Why you may not love it? The heaviest of the cottons we use, so while entirely breathable and beautiful it is also the warmest. 

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